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Elements Upgrade to Version 6

On Monday, 26 April 2021, UGA Elements will be upgraded to v6.2. Elements v6.2 is a significant departure from the current version so we have provided a video introduction to how to navigate the new interface.


Upcoming Launch of Faculty Expertise Portal

Over the next several months, a team of faculty and administrators will design and configure a new faculty expertise portal that will provide the public with information about the research, scholarship, and creative work of UGA faculty. This searchable portal will be named Experts@UGA. Each faculty member will have a profile that utilizes data in their UGA Elements. Experts@UGA will provide an interface for collaboration, discovery, and interaction with external communities, as well as information for prospective students, postdocs, and faculty.

Details about Experts@UGA and the timing of its release will be forthcoming soon. Any questions can be emailed to


Welcome to UGA Elements

 UGA Elements is a web-based system that enables the university to collect, search, and report on the research, scholarship, creative works, and professional activities of faculty, postdocs, and graduate/professional students*. The system helps users find research collaborators using the Explore search, helps administrators track their unit members' achievements, and can generate activity and summary reports for many uses. All UGA faculty members are expected to maintain up-to-date profiles as part of the annual performance evaluation process.

*Students who have requested confidentiality through a FERPA  Request for Restriction will not have access to UGA Elements. Use the online form to rescind your FERPA restriction flag if you want access to UGA Elements.